UTK CC/Pals teachers will engage students in activities based on the PreSchool Learning Foundations & Standards developed by the California 
Department of Education to develop social/emotional skills and emergent 
kindergarten readiness skills.
Kindergarten/1st grade teachers will collaborate to provide strategic and 
differentiated instruction to all students to prepare them to be fluent readers. In 
math, Kindergarten teachers will help students to represent whole numbers, 
identify shapes, and understand space. 1st grade teachers will help students 
understand place value, and addition and subtraction within 20. 
2nd/3rd grade teachers will utilize iReady, and culturally relevant resources and 
lessons to engage students and address deficits in ELA and Math. In math, 2nd
grade teachers will help students build fluency in addition and subtraction, and 
extend their understanding of base ten. 3rd grade teachers will help students 
develop their understanding of multiplication, division, fractions, and arrays
4th/5th grade teachers will regularly engage students in reading comprehension 
strategies that reinforce understanding of complex literary and informational 
texts. Students will also develop research strategies, problem-solving, and 
leadership skills. In math, the 4th grade teachers will help students develop 
fluency in multi-digit multiplication, build an understanding of division, and 
adding and subtracting fractions. 5th grade teachers will help students build 
fluency in adding and subtracting fractions, and extend their understanding of 
division with 2-digit divisors, including decimals.
Our 2nd-5th grade STEAM Magnet Center will use a standards 
and inquiry-based program (Project Lead the Way) to teach 
students about STEAM related subjects. Teachers will 
integrate real-life problem solving throughout the curriculum. 
Students will engage in activities that incorporate engineering, 
art, and design.